Tulips and their Beginning


Tulips (Latin word of a tulip is Túlipa) belong to the genus of perennial bulbous plants of the Liliaceae family. The name originates from the Persian word toliban («turban”), and it was given the name of the flower buds regarding their similarities to the eastern headdress resembling a turban

Tulips in a Vase

The first information about tulips was found  in Persia. Among Tajiks, whose language belongs to the Iranian group, there is an annual celebration of tulips called Saira lola. Now, it is difficult to determine what sorts were the ancestors of the first cultivated plants, but perhaps they were the wild tulips Gesner (Tulipa gesneriana) and Schrenk (Tulipa schrenkii), common in the Minor and Central Asia. From Persia tulips came to Turkey, where they were called “Lale” (Turkish Lale). The name Lala is still the most popular female name in the East. Turkey people first became engaged in breeding of these plants. By XVI century already about 300 varieties of tulips were recognized.
Europeans first became acquainted with the tulip in Byzantium, where a tulip was a symbol of the successor of the Byzantine Empire – Turkey.

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