Tulip Festival in Istanbul in Spring 2012 / Istanbul Lale Festivali

Spring time is for Tulip Festival in Istanbul. Traditionally Turkey in April and May is enveloped in the real flower fever – tulips begin to blossom all over the country. On the occasion of this the colourful festivals and celebrations are performed. The main of them is Tulip Festival, it is held in Istanbul.

Istanbul Tulips Festival

The tulip is considered as the symbol of Ottoman Empire. After bringing from Mongolia, it became a minion of Ottoman sultans. Ottoman poets were the first who began to anthem the beauty of the wonderful flower in their poems. In 17th Century the “tulpan boom” captured Europe. At that time these red, yellow, white flowers grew on the every  flowerbed in Netherlands and in France and one began to consider wrongly the Netherlands the motherland of tulips.

Istanbul Tulip Festival

In order to see a real tulip with nibbed petals one should go to Istanbul. Every spring for a period of many years the millions of flowers are in blossom in all parks and all flowerbeds of the city. Particularly beautiful combinations can be observed in Emirgan park that from the Turkish language is translated as “under sycamores”. There are really many sycamores or plane trees, but everybody come here only to look at tulips. The platform decorated with flowers is installed  in the center of the city and the best Turkish musicians sing and play here till the very evening.
Tulips in Istanbul, Tulip festival in Istanbul, Turkey Festival of Flowers

Turkey Flower Festival

Throughout the city about three million tulips were planted in 2011.  Seedlings were distributed also  free of charge for inhabitants of the city, so the tulips can be seen in alleys, parks and green belts along highways and in the courts of Istanbul.
This is the place where you want to go in the time of the snow winter, rainy autumn, cold spring and entertaining summer.


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