Our Sorrow at Cut Flowers

Esa Buson

Cut the peony –
and spoil your mood
for the whole evening…

I wanted to ask how to treat it. In a philosophical sense, do you feel sorry for cut flowers? Well, you can laugh at me – I worry about the flowers.
Just by the activities I used to have to deal with real flowers – those that have roots in the ground. And when I need to cut them (even to facilitate their life for rooting for example), I always feel sorry for, because the flower  is the result of all efforts of a plant, and it could become a fruit, but no flowers – no fruit – there is no continuation of life :((((
That’s something like that.

One woman florist said, “What helps me not to think about that I” kill the flower? “Banal human selfishness or stop factor, it seems, it is so called in psychology. When there is something about the idea that gives us too much concern, but we cannot change the situation, we change the attitude to it – just try not to think about, to invent a simple excuse and move on.
For example, the situation with a fur coat. Yes, I feel sorry for mink, but when the frost at 38 I look at girls in Chinese jackets and I’m more sorry for them, though it may sound blasphemous. And I wear this coat and do not think much about it.
This is not about flowers, but the analogy, I think, is clear.
But the option of cutting the fir trees in the forest is very annoying! Therefore, although every year I have a living tree, but I get it from the places where those trees will be cut anyway for clearing, for example, my mother in law actually works in the forestry.
Maybe that’s why I never throw dried flowers, any dried flower. I make a sachet, simply pile up in a transparent box and give away, I give it to our florists for their crafts – may it be the second life of a flower? “

Another florist says: “with cut ones all is ok. I cut dahlias, but quietly, the plant, of course, will live, I do not feel guilty towards it. But all is worse with indoor plants. I try to save, bring them to life, but this is not always possible, because some plants are just elementary aged and, as a friend of mine says, we need to have a healthy cynicism. It is something like that. “

The last flower respondent said: “In fact it is a very important topic! At short term courses, which I graduated, we were taught the basics of European floristry. I understood so that we should be very careful with flower treatment, because its life is short. It is proved that the plant, our flower, struggles for its life when it is deprived of the roots, the metabolism increases, and then decreases when the powers come to end. What a happiness it is to go to work when fresh flowers are waiting for you! They give us their strength. How hard when sad flowers stand in a flowerpot that one is not able to sell, I’m just sick of it. Therefore, we are taught, not to splash paint on flowers, not deface, twisting petals, and a lot of things you cannot do. The treatment to the flower develops the principle of work. I saw in the Russian magazine, how the groom is wearing black shoes on the mat from the petals of pink roses standing on the delicate petals. Well, my teacher would not endorse it certainly; it goes in contrary to European floral traditions! Our pity is a normal feeling; a nurse or a florist cannot be without it. I apologize for the inspiration, but this is an important topic for me! “
Flowers are the guests who came from the natural world into our world of glass and concrete. Some of them have come to stay with us for a long time, mainly in pots, and some only for a few days. But still they manage to fulfill their mission – to make us live through joy, delight, tenderness and enjoy the beauty. And if these flowers are not cut off from anywhere far away and are not brought to us, we would not know that the world has such a beauty. Any picture does not convey the charm of flowers! And at the same time it is very sad when cut flowers “grow old” and are killed in cold flower shops and do not find their “owners”. Of course they can dry and then be used in collages and compositions of dried flowers, but that’s another story. And then it even suggests some analogy with the stuffed animals in museums of natural science.

To summarize all it we have to do everything to a flower that pleases us as long as possible in vivo and dried. If you dig a little deeper, after all, we live for something to bring someone a short joy and beauty. Philosophical thought, “a person is the bride’s bouquet, someone from the market, someone from the master, but there is no stand-ins.”

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