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About Rose/ Roses Properties

0 “A rose smells like a rose, whether you name it Rose or not” I think there is no such

Floral Arrangements for St.Valentine’s Day


1 Silver glasses and cups are ideal for small bunch given at Valentine’s Day. Forming composition, the flowers should be

Flowers in the History of Mankind, Part 3: Flowers in Ancient Rome, Ancient Roman Flowers

3 The wreaths got no less attention in ancient Rome. The frescoes were found in Herculaneum, destroyed during the eruption

Flowers in the History of Mankind, Part 2: Flowers in Ancient Greece, Ancient Greek Flowers

0 In many countries flowers and trees have long being serving as special symbols. For example, in Ancient Greece the

Flowers in the History of Mankind, Part 1: Flowers in Bronze Age, Flowers in Ancient Egypt

0 The art of decorating different festive processions, clothing, interior with fresh flowers, leaves, twigs, fruits and other decorative materials

Flower Wedding Dresses 2012 Collection by Stella de Libero


8 If you love all sorts of ruffles, flowers, complex textures and lush ball gowns, this 2012 collection of colored

Artificial Flowers in Clothes and Home Decoration

0 Artificial flowers always played a prominent role in people’s lives. Living flowers are short-lived, expensive and not available all

Crocheted Flowers for Charming Interiors

2 Look what a miracle! These flowers, though they are crocheted, it seems that you can feel their fragrance. But

Our Sorrow at Cut Flowers

0 Esa Buson Cut the peony – and spoil your mood for the whole evening… I wanted to ask how

2012 World Tulip Festivals / 2012 Bulbs Events / 2012 Tulips in the World

2 Festival Date Country Batille des Fleurs 18 February 2012 Flower Parade France, Nice Canadian Tulip Festival 4 May -21