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“… We love the sister and the wife, and the father, but we remember in the throes the mother…”. These precise lines prove once again that our live begins on the hands of the mother, who becomes the most near and dear person.
Every year on the second Sunday of May in many European countries, USA, Canada, China and Japan we celebrate one of the most light and good holidays – Mother’s Day. The holiday has already come over one hundred years.

When is Mother Day in 2013?

History of Mothersday is the following. In 1907 a young American Anna Jarvis of West Virginia took the initiative of honoring mothers in the memory of her mother, who passed away prematurely. Anna wrote letters to government agencies, legislative bodies, eminent persons with a proposal to devote one day a year to mothers honoring. Her efforts were crowned with success – in the 1910 Virginia first recognized Mother’s Day as an official holiday. Although it is a matter of fact – the holiday of eternity: from generation to generation for each of us, the mother is the most important person. Of course, Mother’s Day  is one of the most touching events, because all of us from childhood to his last days in his soul keeps the only and unique image – the image of our mother, who will understand, forgive and will always regret wholeheartedly loving in spite of everything.

It’s no secret that your mother loves flowers and Mother’s Day is a great occasion to give her a beautiful bouquet! If you are away and cannot personally present flowers, Internet flower delivery service will help you with this, no matter where you are. Flower Shops have prepared for you a wonderful selection from their directories of beautiful flowers and bouquets for Mother’s Day. Send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your beloved and unique mom! Flowers for Mother’s Day are a great gift.

In the United States and Australia  the tradition of wearing that day on clothes the carnations flowers got accustomed. Coloured carnations mean that the person’s mother is alive and well, white flowers are pinned to the clothes in memory of deceased mothers.


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