Keukenhof 2012 Flowers, Holland Flowers Festival Calendar

Tulips Festival in Holland

Tulips Festival in 2011 in Keukenhof

Hope, the following information will be interesting for 2012  visitors of Keukenhof  Flowers Festival in Holland

Some events planned for this  near season in 2012

Together with admiring Keukenhof tulips, hyacinths and visiting other flowers events one will  be able to listen to the Streetorgan “De Adriaen” from 9:00 till 18:00 everyday.

Florist flowers from Netherlands

Keukenhof Florist Work

Weekend of Chopin will be held from 24 to 25 March

Then goes the Festival of Dutch Costume from 30 March to 1 April

One will be able to observe the unique Prey Birds Show  from 6 to 9 April

Hollan Tulips Festival

Keukenhof 2011 Tulips Festival in Holland

The Easter Hat Parade will take place on 9 April

Then finally you should visit summer bulbs market (it will be on weekend) from 13 till 15 April

The Flower Parade  for which we are waiting for now will be  on April, 21

For dancing lovers there will be The Polish dance days  from 28 till 29 April

You will see Five-day Artists at Work event  from 2 till 6 May
Bikers and skaters evening on 12 May
Jazz lovers can come to jazz weekend 12 – 13 May
One can listen to Sailor choirs from 17 till 19 May
And Barrel Organ Festival will be held on 20 May


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