Japanese Flower Meaning / Flowers in Japan / Japan Flower Symbolism


Japanese Flower is not only by look, but philosophically beautiful

  • Any red Japanese flowers – I love you.
  • Any orange Japanese flowers are the joy of love.
  • Any color of brown – believe me.
  • Bright colors are easiness.
  • Purple flowers are the belief and confidence.
  • White Acacia – friendship, elegance, nobility.
  • Amaryllis is- attraction, arousal.
  • Anemone – honesty, sincerity.
  • Flowering branch of apple is accuracy, fairness.
  • Blooming cherry twig is the nobility.
  • Flowering apricot branch is the excitement, disbelief.
  • The branch of the thick red plum is an unforgettable youth.
  • Astra – pleasant memories.
  • Azalea is a good attitude.
  • Chrysanthemum – a noble simplicity.
  • Clematis – good love.
  • Pink and white flowers are the objection.
  • Dahlias – thanks.
  • Lilac – first love and friendship.
  • Gladiolus – a mystery.
  • Wisteria – welcome.
  • Hydrangea – disgusting.
  • Irises – courage.
  • White cosmos is a pure love of a girl.
  • Pink cosmos is  a warm heart.
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