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It is with some hesitation that we bring ourselves to write this flower florist mavens’ blog about the Flowers’ Secret. There has been so much written on the subject of “Flowers” that is the twaddle that one hesitates to take the position of a Flowers Florist Expert. It so simple to fill web pages with good advice – it is so much  easier to tell something than to do it – so much easier to define a code of precepts than to get out into the realm of active endeavor and put into practical field the same percepts.  One may imagine why we hesitate to assume some role which lays us open to the suspicion of being one of the “do as we tell us, and not as we do” experts in Flowers.
However another side of this point exists.  There is, beside the general knowledge and the encyclopaedic list of flowers classes-  Another Thing – is a suggestion that the seeker of Love, Peace or a man possessing  certain feelings, has something within  himself that rules him to coose a certain type of flower, the flowers he loves, the flowers  he chooses to present for somebody.
So it is proposed to devote this florist flower blog to unfolding an idea of what this Something Special inside of everyone is and what it will do for one who will unfold it and thus express it into an action with flowers: to like or to dislike some flowers, the way to present them or to devote ourselves to the interesting world of flowers!
Therefore, do not expect to find this blog as a Complete List of Rules to Flowers Care and formulated by the Most Successful People in the World of Flowers who became acquainted with these rules only after they had attained a “Flower Understanding Success” and had inclination and time to preach to others.  This blog is not of this sort. It is rather different. There is a Hope that you will like it – it will do you good in any event.
One always strives and seeks for Success. How flowers can help us in it? Everybody’s idea of success may differ and every time it may be expressed with suitable flowers. But we do not tell about flowers that we should only use.  We must not only take, but Give. With understanding of the flowers’ world, we understand others and understand our Soul, the meaning that our God created such beautiful world and flowers as the important representatives, we become richer, more conscious, and more beautiful and harmonized inside and upon our faces.
What goals can you reach with the help of florist flowers? That is the story – Flowers and especially florist flowers Influence! Many men and women have endeavored to point out the way to their goals, and while some have rendered valuable service to those who were following them on the path to the goal, yet none have been able to tell the whole story of reaching this goal. And this is not to be wondered about for that reason that on the road to the goal each and every individual must be in a measure of his or her own law.  No two characters are exactly alike – Nature delights in variety. And so it would be foolish to lay down rules of flowers application which would surely lead to our Success in all fields.
In view of what has been just said, on this Mavinscape sub domain the mavens in the field of florist flowers can share their opinions and “flower experience”. And the authors in their turn will post interesting facts about floral flowers, about people in the flowers world and very interesting florist flowers events taking place in the  world and worth blloming places to visit. There is a platform for practical thoughts and for flowers philosophy as well

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