Flowers in the History of Mankind, Part 3: Flowers in Ancient Rome, Ancient Roman Flowers


The wreaths got no less attention in ancient Rome. The frescoes were found in Herculaneum, destroyed during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, one depicted among others there the head of Hercules with a laurel wreath and the head of the nymph Arcadia, adorned with a wreath of roses and leaves. Religious rites of the Greeks and the Romans demanded different flower arrangements. An example can be the image of the flower vase process design (V c. BC). In those days a rose got  a special esteem. In ancient Greece it was considered a symbol of love, silence and accuracy. Sappho called the rose the queen of flowers. Rose petals were strewn onto the festive way of the winners, the soldiers, their chariots and greeters were decorated with wreaths of roses. In ancient Rome it was also a symbol of bravery. Initially, Rose served as a kind of order, which was awarded for heroism, and all those who decorated themselves with a rose without permission were punished by imprisonment.

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