Flowers for Health and Good Luck

Our parents lived surprisingly wisely. I remember as a child, there were many flowers in the house. King of house plants was ficus, and he felt itself well maintained and luxurious, with shiny leaves. There were colorful geraniums, for some reason, blooming all year round, though, and stood at the windows on the north side. There were aloe and even some exotic plants with broad leaves. And of course, all of these created comfort, joy and peace in my soul and bright corner of the summer in the long winter months.

Indoor plants absorb dust, harmful magnetic and electric fields from household appliances, clean the air of carbon dioxide in the house where it is ten times greater than in the open air, reduce the temperature of the air and contribute to its ionization. In addition, plants emit volatile, refreshing the air in the apartment. But it is not all good from the plants. There is another side.

Plants may become talismans, charming and attracting some energy. For example, if you have a tight finances, grow at home a Jade – money tree. For a special effect search for it a bright red pot. It is believed that a similar effect has plektrantus.

Ivy is an energy vampire, and yet, according to other signs, it is bad for the relationship with the other half. So think twice before you bring it in the house. But for all the problems with the personal life hibiscus plant revives passion and reverence, or oksalis is the flower of love. Violets also help to negate any conflict in your home.

Since biblical times, the patron of the hearth is a ficus. Ficus is responsible for the welfare of the family and for good luck. Cherish it, then you’ll be fine. And do not forget about the cacti. It is believed that they are quite well to keep the house from thieves and burglars.

The fern will protect theĀ  house from supernatural forces of the evil eye or induced damage. If the fern wither, plant was taken the misfortune, taking the “fire” on itself. In general, if any flower dries up, it is believed that in this way he assigns illness or any other trouble.

Flowers can bring life to every room, make a home happy, cozy, bring peace and harmony in our souls. Be sure in decoration of your own interior, and you will not regret about it.

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