Flower Wedding Dresses 2012 Collection by Stella de Libero



If you love all sorts of ruffles, flowers, complex textures and lush ball gowns, this 2012 collection of colored wedding dresses from Stella de Libero just will not leave you indifferent. These wedding dresses have come from the children’s dreams; they are incredibly romantic and simply beautiful. There are an incredible number of colors in the collection: pink, red, blue, red, and black, purple, green. The most striking may be called a ball gown strapless representing a solid flower bunch. It looks very bright, but at the same time not pretentious. On the photograph these flowers blend in with the print on the dress. Direct neckline is perfectly complemented by equally colorful floral theme costume jewelry.

Look at this stunning pink dress with voluminous applications of gilded butterflies and ruffles at the hem. Some may consider it too “girly”, but on the other hand, where else will you be able to afford such a dress, being married

Below there is a gold version of the dress with butterflies. Chic layered skirt made of satin, chiffon and organza smoothly flows into a small train.

Below there is the blue version of this wedding dress. Look at this  unusual combination of a blue dress with a voluminous tea roses covering the neckline and scattered along the length of the dress.

This wedding dress is offered in pink, and a plume forms a cascading skirt.

Another pink dress, this time it has three-dimensional embroidered flowers and multicolored beads. This dress is just incredibly beautiful. And the little flowers on the bust and huge flowers on the skirt could exist well separately making it an attractive dress, but with such an unusual combination this dress finds its unearthly beauty.

Strapless wedding dress with an embroidered bodice, with a cotton lavish multi-candy pink skirt. Sequins sparkle on the hem resembling lather bubbles. The necklace and hair jewelry are specially made ​​for this dress.

Charming pale pink dress with the dream of every girl – small flower-speckled pink fur cape, supplemented with feathers. Quite restrained and elegant, but at the same time very glamorous.

Only the bravest bride will take a dare to wear such a wedding dress. Burgundy color is still gloomy for the wedding. Perhaps, there is only in the photo this original hat with feathers, roses; it is too far from real life. But no one exclude that in ten years all of brides will be dressing up this way, because fashion is sometimes unpredictable.

The following picture shows you a pale purple version of this dress with an incredible number of layers and ruffles. The beadwork should be noted, from which we were diverted looking at the previous version “Freaky” hat.

This wedding dress is a blend of Eastern and Western styles: prints in the oriental style of the dress in the style of the west with a rather deep, heart-shaped neckline look very romantic. But I’m afraid in real life the bride will not want to wear a dress with too many elements including layers of dense matter and bulk flowers. This dress will rather suit some forest fairy.

Well, the last gown of colored wedding dresses by Stella de Libero. This is incredible mix of red, black and white ruches. Prints in the style of Chinese vases and three-dimensional flowers. Perhaps this dress will interest gothic brides.

In general this collection is very bright and catchy. It is very beautiful, but is far from real life. Perhaps there will be bold brides who will wear this dress on her wedding day. But most likely these chic outfits are prepared for the role of carnival costumes and just for the art.

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