Florist Advice on Wedding Flowers in Different Countries


Florists Advice for Wedding Flower Traditions 

 Special wedding etiquette exists in every country and it requires its special color spectrum.

In the UK, Sweden and the USA the preference is given to white, cream and pink flowers. The main flowers are roses as the embodiment of love and wealth.

In Italy the bride’s bouquet is of orange tree flowers, symbolizes the dream of a large family.

In Spain a bouquet for bride must be surely of yellow flowers. Girl’s hairstyle is also decorated with small bunches of bright yellow flowers.

As for the countries of Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia, there is observed a mixture of different traditions and styles. Choosing colors is for the bride. The only exception is a wedding in the church. Tradition and Christian canons require that white flowers must present in the hands of the bride.

In the East a special chic wedding bouquets are bright red. More often one observes on the Eastern wedding  many exotic flowers and plants.

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