Floral Arrangements for St.Valentine’s Day



Silver glasses and cups are ideal for small bunch given at Valentine’s Day. Forming composition, the flowers should be cut short enough, “seated” on the edges of their containers. Here you can add a few artificial twigs.

Hydrangeas and Grape Hyacinths

Chrystal sweets container is an excellent basis for the violet-pink composition. Hidden mesh of floral or transparent ribbon on top of the bowl supports air “cloud” of flowers.

Peonies and Daisies

This combination of peonies and daisies makes a kind of typical bouquet for the holiday. Adding hydrangea you will embelish the composition mor shading existing flowers.

Flowers container can be wrapped with a brown ribbon to create a beautiful contrast.

Pleasant Things

Valentine card made ​​with own hands and embedded into a bouquet or into any other thing of beloved. It’s so romantic!

Cup with Roses

Give the flowers in the traditional Valentine’s Day in a new way. Cut the stems of roses to 15 cm and remove leaves. Seal the flowers and place them into a glass bowl or glass, decorated with ribbon (Note: In contrast to shaky vase this flowery gift is easier to transport).

Bucket with Flowers

This fanciful idea about ​​a bucket  confirms the fact that the most frequent and best gift for Valentine’s Day is a bouquet of red roses or other flowers in red.

Wrap the simple buckets with decorative paper, pieces of wallpaper or colorful magazine clippings, using the technique of decoupage. Collect at least a dozen colors for a gorgeous bouquet putting them in a clean warm water.

Heart of Roses

This composition will undoubtedly be the most relevant in this day, whether you create it yourself or ask your florist. The unit of wet floral foam in the shape of the heart is covered with buds of roses. The green leaves are attached at the sides in order to hide the remaining foam.

Bunch of Tulips

Tulips are gorgeous flowers presented in a wide variety of pink, red, peach and purple shades. Do not bend and tilt the stems, cutting tulips. Thus, putting them in a fairly compact bouquet flowers will support each other vertically.

Sentimental Beloved

If your boyfriend or girlfriend collects a variety of vases, jugs, bowls or cups, then using one of these valuable items for a loved one will make even simple bouquet of roses a pleasant surprise.

Air Composition

Surprise your soul mate with an unusual floral composition. Wide leaves are folded so that similar to the green belt, thin stems of grass blades  are formed in wide loops, there are pink and red tulips and rosesin the center.


“Valentine’s” Bouquet

Say the words of love recreating your wedding bouquet. Put into a bowl, it will look very elegant attracting attention to itself. Or make a bouquet of flowers made ​​of silk, which will be reminding  about your devotion and care for a long time.

Floral Mix

A colorful arrangement of spring flowers will  congratulate without words to the St. Valentine’s Day that is much better than the traditional rose. Pick up fresh flowers and just put the bouquet in a clear square vase.

Cone of Roses

Three white roses surrounded by small tea roses are connected and placed in a paper cone with hanging eyelet strip. This arrangement will provide a wonderful decoration for door handles, back of the chair or chandelier.

Bouquet of flowers will not only create beautiful artwork on this day, but also serve as a perfect gift for your loved ones.

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