Feng Shui in Flowers


Feng shui is the doctrine of harmony with yourself and nature, the harmony with the environment. It says that all space is pervaded by the life energy qi and we can send it to flow in the right direction. The huge role in a science is lotus-flowergiven to plants, since they do not only saturate the air with oxygen, but also influence favorably on the flow energy of the space creating comfortable conditions for life and well-being in all cases. There are plants that attract wealth, quarrels, and protect from disease, give calm or energize and forces.

As for harmony equipped premises, according to the laws of art there  is a good life energy, which will  let you live well and in harmony with the surrounding space.

In the science of Feng Shui almost all indoor plants are used, but there are those for which preference is given:
– Plants with lush rounded shape;
– Plants with thick, rounded, rounded leaves;
– Plants with large and bright colors;
– All sorts of vines, flowing and others.

Unusual shaped plants or flashy large flowers show their strength, life potential, the presence of positive energy, which will give power to the house itself.
Plants with thick and fleshy rounded leaves (mostly succulents) attract wealth to the house. This is the most favorite form of leaves in China.
And the climbing or running down plants are needed to correct the shortcomings of the room. Often one uses for this purpose the higher plants such as rubber plants and palm trees.

The sacred plants in the teachings of Feng Shui are five garden flowers that have a harmonizing effect on the person. They are chrysanthemum, peony, orchid, magnolia and lotus. Today, these five flowers can often be observed in a house. Even the lotuses, if conditions permit to create a greenhouse, they will live well in an apartment.

Chrysanthemum is a symbol of Japan’s enjoyment of life. The most effective restorative energy is in a chrysanthemum with purple-violet flowers only when these flowers smell strongly.
Regal peony meant wealth in ancient times, mainly there was in this lush bush peony with lots of flowers in the East a “monetary treasure.”
Magnolia is the symbol of purity. This is a flower of sincerity.
Orchid is a symbol of tenderness and love. Therefore, many have sought to keep the house orchid – it shows that there is no quarrel between the spouses.
Lotus is the divine flower. It is the embodiment of spiritual growth, striving for excellence.

Great if these wonderful plants will live at your home. For some of them one needs to create special conditions (lotus and orchid), others can feel good and on the balcony as well (magnolia, peony and chrysanthemum).

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