Crocheted Flowers for Charming Interiors


Look what a miracle! These flowers, though they are crocheted, it seems that you can feel their fragrance. But what one can see exactly is their beauty and charm, but also one can feel the warmth of handmade work and love invested in a bunch by the author.

Crocheted Daisies

Handmade Greeting Card Adorned with Crocheted Flowers

These Crocheted African Violets Will Never Require Watering,These Pieces of Joy Will Blossom Every Day

It is the marvellous thing to adorn your  office desk,  it will become  an unusual and unique gift. Everyone will appreciate a piece of colour, especially in the winter season!

crocheted african violet by planetjune
These Crocheted African Violets are Amazing in Any Floral Design

Crocheted Cactuses are Original in Any Interior

вязаные украшения для интерьера

Perpetual motion of crocheted flowers

Of course, this is not  perpetual motion, but light, delicate, bright flowers, hanging from the ceiling will truly be always in motion by the mere circulation of air in an apartment

вязаный декор для интерьера своими руками
Small Crocheted Flowers of Different Colours Adorned with Beads

Then look at other beautiful crocheted flowers, though these are artificial, but they will sure bring joy for your  eyes

Crocheted Roses

Crocheted Bamboo

Crocheted Plumeria

Crocheted Lotus / Crocheted Lily

Crocheted Daffodils

Crocheted Poinsettia, Crocheted Christmas Star

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