Christmas Cactus, Schlumbergera Hybrids

In winter period hard times come to all indoor plants: not enough light, cool windowsills, and also one  needs to put up with a dry air.  But some plants as Christmas Cactus, for example, magically attract to themselves mainly in this season.  Christmas Cactus blossoms at that time when all other cactuses prepare for the winter quiescent mode.

This epiphytic plant of the Schlumbergera came to us from Brasil. In the nature conditions these species of cactuses grow as epiphytes  on the trunks and branches of trees or on the soil near ther trees roots. Shlumbergera flowers are usually with tints of pink. But modern flower industry successfully cultivate breeds with white, lemon, orange, lilac, pink and two-coloured vreeds. These fabulously beautiful flowers fill the room with the exotic breath. One wants you to get acquainted with the most beautiful species Schlumbergera and give several recommendations concerning taking care of them.

Schlumbergera Hybrid ‘Jolly

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactuses with pink coloured flowers are wide spread. A bright pin is shown from the opened white throat.

Schlumbergera Hybrid
‘Thor Alex’

Christmas Cactus

It is important for Christmas Cactus with so bright yellow flowers as with white flowers that before blossoming the plant is placed in the warm location (about 18-20 °C). But if the cactus is in cooler conditions, its flowers will be with tints of discolored pink.

Schlumbergera ‘Hybris «Star

Christmas cactus

This plant has the same phenomenon – the buds developing in cold conditions receive the right color (perhaps somewhat paler), but the flower itself will be weak. So on the same plant one may observe two completely different flowers. The same phenomenon is met by the breed ‘Enigma’. Only sprouts has very unusual form.

Schlumbergera Hybrids

Christmas Cactus

This new hybrid deserved its popularity first of all because its unusual form of leaves. Nevertheless, and this nice-looking plant is decorated with wonderful small flowers.

Schlumbergera Hybrid “Samba

Christmas Cactus

Marvellous flowers with the tin of white, gradually transferring into yellow and then into orange. All this is finished with dick purple petal edging. The flower endures transportation easy.

Schlumbergera Hybrid “Sol

Christmas Cactus

This is first cultivated hybrid with flowers that have yellow edging. The center of the flower has cream-white colouring, gradually transferring into velvety yellow color. Christmas Cactus care is different in many aspects from the care of usual cactuses breeds. This is arather unpretentious plant requiring good lighted place or half-shade and not bearing sdirect sunlight. Schlumbergers do not like to change their location, that is why try that your plant stand on the same place. This is particularly important in the time of blooming: when one changes a location, the Schlumberger sheds their buds and flowers.

It will be mostly suitable to place the Christmas Cactus on the light place on the not very warm windowsill, at the Northern, Eastern and Western side. The plant feels itself comfortably by the temperature 12-16°C. In the summer period until the middle of October it will be better to remove the Christmas Cactus in the garden or on the balcony to the half-shade. It is sel-understood that this cactus will ennoble You in winter with spectacular blooming

Christmas Cactus Holiday Composition

The substratum for the plant must be friable, rich with humus and without lime. Usual garden soil for blossoming flowers, one third of peat, some coarse-grained sand and fertilizers – this will be the ideal soil. Good water permeability of the substratum interfere with water stagnation and fungus diseases development that provoke the putrefaction of roots. Christmas cactus dislikes extinction and exessive moisture. Sensitive roots will begin rapidly to rot. As opposite to usual cactuses it is recommended  to spray with water regularly, particularly in summer when the plant suffers from high temperatures and low air humidity. One shlould fertilize the plant from march until october every 14 days. Since september the watering should be reduced, but when leaf buds and leaves appear the plant should be relocated to the warmer place (up to 20°C) and gradually the watering must be increased. Usually Christmas Cactus is in blossom from november until the very Christmas making us happy and raising our mood with its fabulously beautiful flowers

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