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Floral Arrangements for St.Valentine’s Day


Silver glasses and cups are ideal for small bunch given at Valentine’s Day. Forming composition, the flowers should be cut

Flowers in the History of Mankind, Part 3: Flowers in Ancient Rome, Ancient Roman Flowers

The wreaths got no less attention in ancient Rome. The frescoes were found in Herculaneum, destroyed during the eruption of

Flowers in the History of Mankind, Part 2: Flowers in Ancient Greece, Ancient Greek Flowers

In many countries flowers and trees have long being serving as special symbols. For example, in Ancient Greece the statue

Flowers in the History of Mankind, Part 1: Flowers in Bronze Age, Flowers in Ancient Egypt

The art of decorating different festive processions, clothing, interior with fresh flowers, leaves, twigs, fruits and other decorative materials has

Flower Wedding Dresses 2012 Collection by Stella de Libero


If you love all sorts of ruffles, flowers, complex textures and lush ball gowns, this 2012 collection of colored wedding

Artificial Flowers in Clothes and Home Decoration

Artificial flowers always played a prominent role in people’s lives. Living flowers are short-lived, expensive and not available all the

Crocheted Flowers for Charming Interiors

  Look what a miracle! These flowers, though they are crocheted, it seems that you can feel their fragrance. But

Our Sorrow at Cut Flowers

Esa Buson Cut the peony – and spoil your mood for the whole evening… I wanted to ask how to

2012 World Tulip Festivals / 2012 Bulbs Events / 2012 Tulips in the World

Festival Date Country Batille des Fleurs 18 February 2012 Flower Parade France, Nice Canadian Tulip Festival 4 May -21 May

The Flowers Dangerous for Cats

Many of us love flowers and cats. Both are able to cheer up his master, but they can harm one