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Flower Garden Designs

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Flower Pictures

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Paper Flowers Workshop and Photos

Paper Flowers… Many of you like the paper  flowers and paper decorations, which this year acquired enormous popularity. I invite

Tulips and their Beginning

Tulips (Latin word of a tulip is Túlipa) belong to the genus of perennial bulbous plants of the Liliaceae family.

Japanese Flower Meaning / Flowers in Japan / Japan Flower Symbolism

Japanese Flower is not only by look, but philosophically beautiful Any red Japanese flowers – I love you. Any orange

When is Mother Day / Mothersday Flowers / Mother’s Day

“… We love the sister and the wife, and the father, but we remember in the throes the mother…”. These

Lilies Growing at Home

Lilies… We decided to devote a separate article about lilies, because they are suitable not only for forcing crop but

Facebook Flowers, Flowers on Facebook

Let’s try to sink into the world of flowers on Facebook. This social network as many others gives an opportunity

About Rose/ Roses Properties

“A rose smells like a rose, whether you name it Rose or not” I think there is no such a