Artificial Flowers in Clothes and Home Decoration


Artificial flowers always played a prominent role in people’s lives. Living flowers are short-lived, expensive and not available all the year round. Remember the Greek tale of Twelve Months, who helped the poor step-child to gather up a basket of violets in the most severe winter frosts. In order to decorate with the flowers the human life all the time, people always made their copies​​.

In  18-19 centuries ladies’ hats were very fashionable, decorated with artificial flowers made ​​of silk, velvet, ribbons and lace. Fashion-conscious women went so far and wore a hat with an incredible number of flowers and all that immensely amused the audience. Young ladies laughed at them saying that they wear a flower bed on the head. Nowadays, the fashion for hats with artificial flowers decoration has not disappeared; the hats were just decorated with a more modest manner.

Since the same 19th century the men’s fashion came to us to wear a flower in the buttonhole of his coat. Initially, there were fresh flowers. But the cut bud fades quickly and an artificial flower is commonly used in the ceremonial costume.

The fashion to decorate the female neckline with magnolia flower has been going from the time of Romanticism. It was an incredible precious ornament. Living magnolia flower was worth so much as  a solid size diamond. Fortunately, the fashion for a living magnolia had gone fast. However, it is conventional in our time pinning a bouquet made ​​of artificial flowers on the dress’s bodice during special occasions: at prom, at wedding and at concert.

Simulation of live plants is not only used to decorate clothing. Ornamental trees and flowers have long been used to create interiors in public places: in theaters, concert halls, clubs, restaurants and lounges. Nowadays it is considered a good practice to decorate an office, a waiting room and a hall using several large artificial plants, fully simulating the real ones. More and more people buy artificial trees for their homes without any extra hassle to make the homes comfortable and beautiful.

If there is a demand for artificial flowers, the offer will surely appear. Designers and merchants caught a conjuncture and raised their production of artificial trees and flowers from the artisanal performance to the industrial level. Today, flower and gift shops offer a wide selection of artificial plants of different types and sizes. If one needs a little prickly cactus or a three-meter tree with a plush monkey on top, you can always find them or order in accordance with an individual performance. The fashion for the artificial flowers will never pass, but it only changes its direction.

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