May 2012 Canadian Tulip Festival

May Tulips Canada Ottawa

Let me tell you about one of the most beautiful spring holiday is tulip festival in Canada (Canadian Tulip Festival) held annually in Ottawa during the first week of May.

(On the picture  there is multi-colored carpet of tulips around the Parliament Hill in Ottawa)

Some History

Every year in May, the Canadian capital is surrounded by a colorful sea of tulips, which are sent as a gift to Canada by old tradition of the grateful Dutch. This tradition came just after the Second World War, during which Canada provided shelter for the royal house of the Netherlands that forced to escape from the Nazi regime. Queen Margriet was born here in the North American continent. However, in order to become the heir to the throne, she was born at home. The Canadian government has kindly announced with a special decree a hospital room in Ottawa, where a Princess of the Netherlands was born.

On returning home in 1945, Dutch Princess Juliana sent a gift to Ottawa – 100 000 tulip bulbs. The gift was made ​​in gratitude for the asylum of Dutch royal family during the Second World War and in recognition of the role played by the Canadian liberators of Holland. Since then, tulips became a symbol of international friendship and the first sign of real spring in Ottawa. To this day up to 20 thousand bulbs annually come from the Netherlands, and now more tulips grows in Ottawa than in any other city on earth.

During tulips blooming Ottawa turns into a flower capital of the world, despite the fact that it is one of the coldest capitals. More than half a million tourists come every year to the blossoming in the country of more than 5 million tulips.

Canadian Tulip Festival Performance
Festival begins with a traditional Tulip Ball and fashion show, where models demonstrate clothing, of course, made of tulips. Tulip Ball has been helding since recent times in the unique place – a mirrored alcove. By the tradition, it is performed in the spirit of cabaret, where guests can see performances by famous dance groups and taste the international cuisine and the best samples of champagne.

During the festival all guests of Canadian capital can visit  specially designed tours to the tulips blooming places in Ottawa and its suburbs. The most beautiful part of the route is called ‘The Loop’. Inside the semicircle surrounded by a sea of tulips of all colors there are the most recognizable buildings in Ottawa: Parliament Building, Peace Tower, Castle Hotel Fairmont Chateau Laurier and the building of the American Embassy. In the park  at this time near the Parliament Hill  one can observe exhibitions where artisans sell their creations.

Via the Rideau Channel in Ottawa will be as usual the flotilla of flowers – a beautiful sight that makes one forget that actually the channel most of the time of the year is the world’s longest ice track. In the cold winter season the town people  ride horses and a traditional contest of ice sculptures is conducted here.

But during the festival thousands of tulips bloossoming along the Rideau Channel embankment will be added to the multi-million dollar exotic mosaic of color and beauty in the parks and squares of the Canadian capital, delighting the eyes of its residents and numerous visitors from all over the world: for the Canadian Tulip Festival – the largest tulip festival in the world!

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