21 April 2012 Flower Parade in Keukenhof, Holland


Flower Parade/ Flower Procession on April 21, 2012

On Saturday April 21 in the place of bulb plants growing the most famous flower parade in Holland will be held. It will proceed from Noordwijk to Haarlem  (40 kilometers) and will finish its way in the day time after passing  Keukenhof Corso Boulevard. This flowers procession is called as “Spring Face”.  The demostration consists of  more than 50 cars richly decorated with flowers. Holiday caravan will move accompanied with different orchestras.

This flower event is free of charge.

One will give the opportunity to the visitors to leave the park in order to watch the Flower Parade and then to re-enter afterwards to go further with their visit to Keukenhof.

Calendar of Events During Flower Festival 2012 in Holland

The Flower Face,  Flower HeroFlower bicycle, decorated bicycle

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